Ash Whisky – chevron

Ash Whisky is thermally modified wood that is subjected to annealing at high temperature (approx. 180-200 ° C) to obtain new beneficial properties. During thermal modification there are no chemicals used (eg. Ammonia), which means that the process is 100% organic. The advantages of thermal modification: change in color of the wood throughout its section, from golden brown to dark brown; increased resistance to moisture; greater dimensional stability; almost complete resistance to fungi and insects. We can offer you a Chevron pattern in two versions: French – cutting angle of 45 ° and 60 ° Hungarian. Our parquet Chevron is available in widths from 70 mm to 150 mm and a thickness of 16 mm, length according to customer requirements.


Lenght:  500 mm – 800 mm

Width: 70 mm – 150 mm

Thickness: 16 mm

Available patterns:  Chevron; Herringbone; Versailles; Slowiczyncki; Solid floorboards.