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Floor sanding is not just a craft – it is an art to which we are fully devoted. We have been providing our services in London for many years, and we have always made all things possible to improve our qualifications, which is why floor sanding has no secrets from us. We are a team of experienced professionals who implement every project with great passion. We are fully aware that London is a gigantic city full of competition, which is why we do everything we can to offer our clients as high quality as possible.

Floor sanding consists in grinding of parquet floor or wooden mosaic to remove the top layer that is already worn or damaged. In the case of older surfaces, ones that London is full of, sanding is a process aimed at renovation, and consists in removing scratches from the surface of floor or evening them out. This process brings back the highest aesthetic values. It is worth knowing that poor-quality floor sanding, carried out in an improper manner, may damage the floor therefore this type of work should be commissioned to renown professionals.

The question is – why should you trust us when there are many similar companies in London? Mainly due to the fact that they are similar only seemingly. Every employee we hire is a committed expert who takes care of even the smallest details. We use the highest-quality equipment by top producers, which is why the floor sanding process is conducted with great precision, care, and – simply put – as best as possible. London is our home, sanding is our passion – this combination makes us unrivalled.

The price of our services depends on several factors and the most important ones are the scope of work, the type of floor, and the scale of the undertaking. We do realize that London is full of numerous types of floor that would require renovation, which is why we adapt the floor sanding cost to our clients’ needs, preferences, and expectations.

From the very beginning of our business activity we have always believed that satisfied clients are the best business card there is – this is why we are willing to share our experience and knowledge to offer the highest quality floor sanding services. We would like to cordially invite all clients interested in cooperating with us. We provide our services on the territory of London, and we will be delighted to help you get that perfect look of your floor.