Isn’t my floor too damaged for sanding?

Many of the old floor really looks more damaged than they really are. These floors that are covered with many layers of different paints and varnishes are usually better protected. Just a few minutes of sanding and beautiful, fresh wood appears to us. Other       damages to the floor, such as a deeper dents or cracks are repaired after the main sanding.

Is the floor sanding very dusty?

It is impossible to avoid dusting in 100% ( even when removing the dust bag from the machine may fall a little dust), but all of our machines are modern and 99% of dust free. Each of our machine is connected to a profesional dust extraction machine.

How long does the sanding of the floor take?

Sanding the room up to 20m2 usually takes one day. Varnishing ( 3-4 coats) or oiling(2-3 coats) takes an extra day. You have to take into account the fact that additional time is required to cure the varnish, oil or wax, at this time the floor should not be used. 

How to get rid of craks?

Gaps exceeding 4mm ( typically between pine boards) are filled with strips of wood (slivers).

Smaller cracks ( usually in the parquet blocks) we fill with a mixture of wood dust collected during the sanding and resin. You can be sure that the colour of putty is identical with the floor.

Should we carry out home improvements before or after floor sanding or laying?

Definitely before! It is easier to wipe off possible bit of dust from newly painted wall than to remove the paint or ladder marks from new floor.