My name is Tomasz Lopacinski.

My adventure with wood started when I was six years old. I lived above my uncle’s carpentry workshop.
Often, after school I watched my uncle working. I quickly learned how to use all of the machines and how to handle wood.

During my studies, in 2002, I went for an internship in UK. Over the next two years I was a disciple of the best craftsmen in the wood flooring industry in London. I learned how to sand 200 years old floors and lay intricate parquet patterns in state homes.

After I’ve got vast knowledge I decided to become independent. I’ve set up my own company, I’ve put together a team of professionals, equipped with dust- free machines.


Very quickly customers have appreciated our commitment, which turned into a number of orders.
From the very beginning I knew that the quality and high culture of work is the key to success.

Among our clients are: Sir Michael Caine; Westminster Synagogue; Embassy of Qatar in London; Royal Family of Saudi Arab Emirates; many famous shops and restaurants in London.

Our success is a result of hard work and passion for the material that is wood. There is nothing more wonderful that smell of freshly sanded wooden floor.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and I hope that the time spent to study our website will be very fruitful.

Yours faithfully.



               Tomasz Lopacinski